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Born in 1984 in Banska Bystrica. Wood as a natural material caught him to the point that he began to study sculpture. Percussive instruments, drums and applied arts have been for some time his favorite production quantities. In 2012 he graduated from the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, department of sculpture. His debut, The Memorial of Unborn Children, was created as a bachelor thesis. Master thesis is called, «As a Child». It’s a baby that falls from the stand. She has no fear, she is smiling and held out her hand. She knows that the parent is close and will catch her.

After graduation he created a monument placed in Vydrovská dolina in Čierny Balog called Dobročská jedľa (The Fir of Dobroč). It shows the most monumental fir, which was located in Dobročský prales (The Forest of Dobroč). Then he created two statues of St. Anthony of Padua. One is installed on the square in Donovaly and the other is in Modrý Kameň. The art piece is a statue of the Pieta. Author wanted except piety and pain show the conversion and hope. Part of the sculpture is the figure of Mary Magdalene, which symbolizes the present time. Today’s sins are broken families, infidelity, fornication. She turned. She loved Christ and is an example to us, that we also wanted to be with Christ and still remain faithful to the foot of the Cross. Kneeling in a scarf catches the hand of Christ. Similarly, as does the priest when he grant the blessing with the monstrance.

«My mission is by my work to talk about our origin, the Creator and loving Father who shows us every day why and how to live.» 



El 28 de octubre 2011, en Eslovaquia, se inauguro el monumento del niño no nacido de un joven escultor de ese país. El monumento expresa no solo el pesar y arrepentimiento de las madres que han abortado, sino también el perdón y el amor del niño por nacer hacia la madre.

La ceremonia de inauguración contó con la presencia del ministro de Salud de ese país. La idea de construir un monumento a los niños por nacer fue de un grupo de mujeres jóvenes madres que están muy conscientes del valor de toda vida humana y el daño que se inflige también a la salud de la mujer.

El niño “no nacido”

La estatua es obra del joven escultor eslovaco Martin Hudáčeka que «sorprende por su realismo y poética expresividad», según analiza Carmen Bellver en su blog titulado ‘Diálogo sin fronteras‘ en Periodista Digital. «El niño parece esculpido en cristal, mientras se arrodilla a su lado una madre arrepentida que se representa en piedra. Materiales por sí mismos bastante metafóricos. A su vez el niño levanta la mano sobre la cabeza inclinada de su madre, en un gesto de amor filial», explica la autora en su espacio.

Bellver explica que hablar del aborto en un país como Eslovaquia con un promedio de natalidad de 1,33 hijos por mujer,»es bastante representativo de cómo algunos países han caído en la cuenta del invierno demográfico que les golpeará en apenas dos décadas». Pero -prosigue- esto por sí mismo no justifica el monumento que es iniciativa de un grupo de madres jóvenes conscientes del valor de la vida. Curiosamente a su inauguración acudió el ministro de Salud de este pequeño país centroeuropeo.

The work on the sculpture for Poland is successfully finished. The artpiece was installed on the place. In the city of Wrocław they decided under the patronage of the mayor to publicly bury unborn children. In this case it is concerning spontaneous abortions and the children who used to get disposed with the rest of biological waste. The piece as a tombstone this time includes a man as well. The work is based on the story of The Memorial of Unborn Children I by Martin Hudáček. The figure of mother is though new. She touches the ground on which she kneels with one of her hands. Casual position of her body even stronger expresses her desperate pain. She hides her face in her right hand and tilts to her husband who folds her to himself with his right arm. His amazed look is reaction to their child who appeared to them as ghost. Scared and amazed father with his right hand reaches the baby with the figure of 4 years old.

As the baby of the first version of The Memorial of Unborn Children was about the age of two the author gives a unique chance to see his sculpture to grow.

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